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It is time to partner with a VMS that's easy to use, fast, and reliable!  

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This comprehensive VMS Buyer’s Guide helps organizations with smaller contingent workforce management budgets, find a solution to transform how they manage their staffing agencies and contingent workers.

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you have many clients to manage, jobs to post, submissions to review, onboardings to manage, timecards and invoices to oversee.

If your Vendor Management System (VMS) struggles anywhere in the process, both you and your clients suffer. With today's technology their is no excuse to settle for second best.

Managed Service Providers need a VMS that puts all their client’s External and Contingent Workforce in one place and automates the entire lifecycle.

Your VMS must be fast, reliable, and cost-effective. Most importantly, your VMS must also be easy-to-use for you, your clients, and your suppliers. This improves your bottom line and your client's ROI. 

Looking for a VMS Partner?
Six Reasons Why MSP's choose Conexis VMS

Conexis was built to give Managed Service Providers like you a better way to manage your clients, jobs and billings. Here are some of the reasons why our MSP partners have made Conexis their VMS of choice: 


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 Easy to Use

Conexis utilizes UX Design Science to ensure we provide the easiest-to-use interface in the market.

A VMS' user interface must be clean, and intuitive and allow users to do their work from the main dashboard. The more clicks and lack of intuitive design, the more user frustration increases, productivity reduces and no one is happy. 

Conexis is designed to ensure user satisfaction evidenced by our industry-leading NPS score.


Open Access | Open API

Conexis provides you with game-changing open access making integrations and reports a breeze. 

Conexis employs an Open API which means our MSP partners have unparalleled access to data as well as full control over integrations.

Imagine creating data feeds into your own B/I tools, and creating your reports. With Conexis you can!



With the latest tech stack, you get the best VMS available at the lowest possible prices.  

Gone are the days of paying outrageous percentages of spend and incurring huge implementation costs

With the most efficient codebase and architecture in the industry, we don't need teams of developers and overheads to keep everything running. This reduces our costs considerably which gets passed on to you and your customers. 



Conexis utilizes the latest in Micro Services Technology meaning no matter how much you throw at it the system continues to run lightning-fast 24/7.  

Conexis is hosted on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform utilizing the latest in Micro Services technology. Add to that the most efficient codebase in the industry and the rest just don't stack up. So, no matter how much processing is occurring across our system you never notice a slowdown, and reports are delivered with lightning speed.


White Label

Conexis' architecture enables you to have a white-label version.

Imagine having your own VMS, with your own web address, logo, and brand colors. Add to that our open-source codebase, and anything is possible. 

Bring your own VMS to market in under 30 days!


Single Sign On

Conexis makes it easier for MSP's buyers, suppliers and workers to use Conexis with one login all the time.

In most VMS', suppliers and workers need multiple logins to use the system. With Conexis, no matter what type of user you are you have one login for everything. Your suppliers and workers can work on multiple accounts with one single sign-in. Conexis is built with the user in mind - not just the Buyer.

Conexis puts data management back into your hands

Sure Conexis has a library of canned reports and a world-class ad hoc report-building tool, but wouldn't you want the option to grab raw data and put it into your own B/I tool or ERP?

With our Open API, Conexis makes it's so easy to get your data on your terms.



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Looking for a VMS Partner? 

At Conexis, we believe that MSPs need a better VMS. 

If you are looking for a new strategic VMS partner, Contact Us.  We will work with you to help you dramatically improve the service you provide to your clients - resulting in increased profitability, greater ROI and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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