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Are you looking for further ways in which you can enhance your clients’ contingent workforce programs? Do you need a partner who will help your offering evolve? 

Conexis VMS, the world's most user-friendly and efficient vendor management system, is all about building partnerships. Explore our partner programs, find the one that’s right for you, and let’s grow together.

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Managed Service Providers

MSPs deliver an extensive list of services and need amazing technology to deliver results for their customers.

Partnering with Conexis VMS means you and your customers will have user-friendly and sophisticated technology that is cost-effective. The result? Happy customers and more money for your bottom line.

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Workforce consultants

Workforce Consultants

As a workforce consultant you are dealing with clients of all shapes and sizes. Technology is a critical part of any workforce strategy, and a vendor management system is at the core of any contingent workforce program.

Being able to build a toolkit of technology options for your customers is important. Conexis VMS is the perfect user-friendly and efficient option for your clients.

HR Technology Providers

Are you a technology platform looking for potential partners? Conexis VMS is a great vendor management system integration option.

Conexis’ API’s are built on the latest technology which means they are super easy and cost-effective to build and manage. 

Vendor management system

What do our clients think?

Help Your Clients Succeed With a User-Friendly VMS

Play a crucial role in your clients’ success, by providing them with an easy-to-use, efficient and cost-effective vendor management system that drives superior results for their contingent workforce program.

Gain Visibility and Control

Ensure your clients save all contingent workforce data on one pane of glass, giving them complete visibility and control of their contingent workforce program.

Automate Processes

Your clients don’t have the resources required to complete hours of tactical work. Automating the most time-intensive processes will increase productivity.

Reduce Spend

Are your clients tired of wasting money within their contingent workforce program? Conexis VMS will help your clients better control costs and get low prices from vendors.

Ensure Workforce Compliance

Properly document contingent workers, and all data associated with them, so that your clients don’t fall into the trap of confusing them as full-time workers.