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Easily manage your prime vendor Clients, Subvendors or entire business with Conexis VMS 

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This comprehensive VMS Buyer’s Guide helps organizations with smaller contingent workforce management budgets, find a solution to transform how they manage their staffing agencies and contingent workers.

As a Staffing Agency, you have many clients to handle, jobs to post, submissions to review, onboardings to manage, as well as timesheets, invoicing, and payroll to oversee. 

If your Vendor Management System (VMS) struggles anywhere in the process, both you and your clients suffer.

With today's technology there is no reason to settle for second best. 

Staffing Agencies need a VMS that can manage their entire workflow – not just jobs. 

Your VMS must be fast, reliable, and cost-effective. Most importantly, your VMS must also be easy-to-use for you, your clients, and your Subvendors.

With Conexis, you can improve your bottom line and your client's ROI. 

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Six Reasons Why Staffing Agencies choose Conexis VMS

With our award-winning user interface, Conexis was built to give Staffing Agencies like you a better way to manage your clients, jobs, timesheets and billings. Here are some of the reasons why our Staffing Agency partners have made Conexis their VMS of choice:


icon-benefit-2 (1) Easy Visible


Conexis utilizes UX Design Science to ensure we provide the easiest-to-use interface in the market.

A VMS' user interface must be clean, intuitive and allow users to do their work from the main dashboard. The more clicks and lack of intuitive design, the more user frustration increases and productivity reduces.  See how easy Conexis is to use with our quick 2 Minute Self-Guided Tour for Staffing Agencies

icon-benefit-7 Open API

Open Access | Open API

Conexis easily integrates with any ATS (Applicant Tracking System).  

Conexis has an industry leading Open API (Application Programming Interface).

This makes it fast, easy and cost effective to integrate with your ATS or any other system your business uses.  

icon-benefit-4 Cost


With the latest tech stack, you get the best VMS available at the lowest possible prices.  

With our low pay-as-you-use-license fee you don’t pay unless you use the system. This allows you to pass on the savings to your customer or enhance your margins.


Used For All Job Categories

Conexis is not just for IT roles.

With our work shift and geo-fenced timesheet app, Conexis can be used for every job category (IT, Light Industrial, Call Center and Healthcare). 


Advanced Reporting & Analytics

No more being blindsided by client QBRs.

Conexis lets you see in real-time how well you deliver to all your clients and how each account performs financially. Build scorecards or use our open API to export and create your own reports.  


Client Satisfaction

We lead the VMS industry with a 71 NPS Score

Clients love Conexis. Our VMS is designed to be the easiest to use, and clients are supported with our dedicated customer "We Care" Team.  And what's better than a satisfied customer? 

Conexis manages your entire workflow

Many Vendor Management Systems only help Staffing Agencies manage their jobs & submissions.  Conexis allows Staffing Agencies to manage their entire business within our system. This includes the following modules: Jobs, Candidate Submissions, Worker Onboarding & Credentialling, Assignment Contracts, Timesheets and Expenses, Invoicing & Payment, Reporting & Analytics, Sub Vendor Management; and Shift & Roster Management.  

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Are you a Staffing Agency Looking for a VMS Partner? 

At Conexis, we believe that Staffing Agencies need a better VMS.  

If you are looking for a new strategic VMS partner, Contact UsWe will work with you to help you dramatically improve the service you provide to your clients - resulting in increased profitability, greater ROI and higher levels of customer satisfaction. 


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