Conexis VMS for Manufacturing & Light Industrial

Seamlessly Manage Your Manufacturing Extended Workforce

Are you tired of inefficient extended workforce processes that result in no-shows and high attrition rates for your temporary workforce? Conexis VMS has a solution.

Reduce Temp Worker No-Shows by 75% and Attrition by 50%

When you have workers not show up or leave their assignments early it increases your costs, reduces productivity, and negatively affects customer deliveries.

Manufacturing and blue-collar roles make up over 60% of the Conexis population, which means we understand how complex and time-consuming managing temporary workers is for your business. With digital rostering, easy time clock integrations, work shifts, and health & safety tracking, Conexis VMS is the smart choice for Manufacturers.

Time and Attendance Integrations

Conexis not only integrates with your time clock system, but we can also supply the system.

Regardless of the time clock system that your business uses, Conexis VMS has worked with, and integrates easily with, most time clock systems on the market today.


Conexis Manufacturing Solutions

Conexis VMS: Built With Manufacturing Top of Mind

Conexis has developed Vendor Management System (VMS) functionality specifically to support the unique needs of manufacturers. From complex work shift arrangements to Health & Safety incident tracking, Conexis has it all to make managing your manufacturing extended workforce easy and fast.

Gain All the Benefits of a VMS

The benefits of a VMS are significant. Conexis has built specific tools for manufacturers that deliver even more significant benefits than a standard VMS.


High Volume Rapid Needs

We know that in a manufacturing environment you need to access a lot of workers fast. Every minute of downtime costs your company money. That’s why Conexis VMS allows you to rapidly request and deploy thousands of workers at once. This gets temps to your locations faster, minimizing downtime.


Complex Work Shifts

In a manufacturing environment, you are most likely running multiple shifts across multiple locations – often in the same city. Add to that the potential of different shift structures - like a Continental shift and shift premiums - and it becomes a lot to manage in a system. Conexis VMS has been built to handle all of these situations and more.


Shift Roster Management

Conexis VMS is built to manage an extended workforce across hundreds of locations. Our innovative Vendor Management Software lets you build rosters by work shift and send those rosters to each location and the supplying agencies right from the system, so everyone knows who is showing up and when. These rosters can be integrated into your attendance system which prevents unauthorized workers from gaining access to a location.


Health & Safety Tracking

In manufacturing, the health and safety of workers is paramount. With hundreds or even thousands of workers, the risks are significant. Even the smallest of incidents need to be reported on and tracked. That’s why Conexis VMS has been built to allow all incidents to be reported and tracked by type of incident and the source in one centralized system. This gives you complete visibility and control over health & safety tracking.

The Conexis Difference

With the easiest-to-use Vendor Management System on the market, users at your manufacturing organization will be happy to use Conexis VMS, resulting in higher VMS adoption levels.

These higher adoption levels drive even greater Vendor Management System benefits than delivered by our competitors.

Add to that our unique manufacturing functionality and easy API that makes integrations seamless, and Conexis VMS is the perfect fit for businesses that want to automate the procure-to-pay process of their manufacturing extended workforce.

Manufacturing Workers

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