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As a Procurement Professional there’s no doubt that you understand the importance of knowing what you are spending your money on, and why. But how does your organization’s contingent workforce fit into that philosophy?

A Vendor Management System (VMS) is a critical piece of the puzzle. 

Here at Conexis VMS we take the work of figuring out contingent workforce spend off of your plate.

By placing your organization's Extended Workforce spend in one centralized place and giving you access to great reporting and analytics at your fingertips, we significantly improve the visibility and control you have over your contingent workforce program. 

Not only that, but our easy-to-use VMS means higher adoption rates, ensuring that you get full control - not just a portion - of your company’s contingent workforce spend.

Conexis VMS was Built for
Procurement Professionals

Conexis was built to give Procurement Professionals like you an easy-to-use, procure-to-pay system that manages your company's entire Extended Workforce. 

Conexis customers report that they gain more spend under management when compared to other VMS providers because they have greater user adoption, which results in higher cost savings. 

Here are a few key ways Conexis VMS will improve your contingent workforce management:


Cost Savings

Conexis clients report an average savings of 12.5% delivered through our Vendor Management System. 

The most direct benefit of Conexis VMS is driving down the cost of your contract workers. Conexis provides suppliers transparency to the lowest bid so they can sharpen their pencils and rebid at a lower price which drives down the cost of your contingent workforce. 

And with higher adoption levels than our competitors, you will realize even more savings. 

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More Visibility & Control

Conexis has unique functionality to provide you with more visibility and control of your Workforce Program.

Vendor Performance Management is a critical part of any procurement professional's job.

With the most comprehensive vendor scorecard, Conexis VMS takes all the work out of gathering and reporting on supplier performance, leaving you the time to develop improvement plans so you get more out of your suppliers.



Highly Secure and Easy to Integrate

Conexis is SOCII certified and employs bank-level security meaning your data is protected at all times. 

And with our modern API, it is easy and cost-effective for you to integrate Conexis with your HRIS, ATS, Financial, or Attendance systems. 

When businesses implement their VMS into their entire talent workforce, the benefits are huge.


Reduce Your Organization's Risk

Managing risk is a critical component of any Procurement Professional's job.Conexis VMS is designed specifically to reduce your organization's risk - whether it's misclassification, tenure, or other regulatory risks.

Because Conexis VMS is so easy to use, high adoption levels mean that more of your jobs are managed in our system - giving you more visibility and control of your program, and mitigating risk.

Conexis Program Metrics Give You More Visibility and Control of Your  Program Performance

Conexis VMS has developed a unique report based on key performance indicators (KPIs), which allows our clients to see how their program is performing across eight key metrics that measure service, quality, and price. This innovative reporting tool gives users the power to know how their program is performing, at any time. 

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