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This comprehensive VMS Buyer’s Guide helps organizations with smaller contingent workforce management budgets, find a solution to transform how they manage their staffing agencies and contingent workers.

Are you ready to improve your Contingent Workforce talent acquisition metrics?

Utilizing a Vendor Management System (VMS) allows you to monitor the performance of your overall Contingent Workforce Program and your agency suppliers.

Measuring your program robustly helps identify frailties in your process and your supply base.

This allows you to make strategic, data-based decisions that improve time-to-fill (often by 50%), and significantly improve the quality of resources.

The result?

Your business will reduce turnover within its Contingent Workforce Program, have resources on the ground faster to drive business results and improve permanent conversion rates.

Make Talent Acquisition of Contingent
Workers Easy

Conexis VMS was built to give Talent Acquisition Professionals an easy-to-use procure-to-pay system that manages your company's entire Extended Workforce.

Our easy-to-use Vendor Management System significantly improves user adoption rates when compared with other VMS providers, giving your business the visibility and control it needs to improve talent acquisition.

Here’s how Conexis VMS can help your talent acquisition process:


Vastly Improve Talent Acquisition Metrics

Centralize all activities to dramatically improve quality metrics.

Utilizing Conexis VMS allows you to measure the performance of your contingent workforce talent acquisition. Identifying key roadblocks in your process, specific departmental, geographical or job category issues and in-depth measurement of your suppliers will allow you to make strategic decisions that reduce time-to-fill (often by 50%), significantly improve the quality of resources that in turn reduces turnover and improves perm conversion rates.

Our VMS also allows Talent Acquisition to identify top and poor performing vendors and get to the root cause of challenges.


Control your Costs

Control costs and save up to 35% on your extended workforce.

Standardizing Contingent Workforce processes through an easy-to-use platform allows our clients to seamlessly track agency spend and pricing and reduce cost-per-hire. Total transparency and consolidation help identify high rates and create open competition that drives down price, in addition to eliminating errors that reduces over-billing.

A clear lens allows Conexis VMS users to benchmark rates for both agency workers and independent contractors to avoid overpaying. Moving away from manual processes not only eliminates errors but reduces manual work effort, allowing Talent Acquisition and HR teams to focus on more strategic tasks.


Complete Transparency With Reporting

Game-changing access to data and analytics of your Contingent Workforce.

Centralizing your entire Contingent Workforce in one easily accessible web-based portal allows for in-depth reporting that gives powerful talent acquisition insights. Detailed information and the ability to analyze helps Conexis VMS users with departmental activity, trend analysis, forecasting, spending habits, costs, performance, tenure tracking, financial analytics and much more.

Conexis VMS provides custom and detailed reporting to suit your business. Automation and centralization in one system provides a record of truth and moves away from manual spreadsheets, saving our clients significant time and improving data accuracy.

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Improve Visibility to Reduce Risk

Visibility reduces HR risk and provides total visibility to your Contingent Workforce.

Conexis VMS will centralize your data to measure tenure, ensure compliance to co-employment laws, properly tag worker classification, identify contingent workers that are not eligible for rehire as well as generate robust reporting and improve workforce planning.

Consolidation and oversight also mean talent acquisition can safeguard employment branding and candidate experience of your contingent workforce, which is often overlooked. Conexis VMS is designed specifically to reduce your organization's risk - whether it's misclassification, tenure, or other regulatory risks, with Conexis you are able to identify and mitigate more of your risks because you have complete visibility.

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