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This comprehensive VMS Buyer’s Guide helps organizations with smaller contingent workforce management budgets, find a solution to transform how they manage their staffing agencies and contingent workers.

Conexis VMS was built specifically to help your business better manage its Contingent Workforce Program.

Whether you are working on your first or third-gen Contingent Workforce Program, you know how important it is to have the right Vendor Management System (VMS) partner in place.

Conexis VMS was designed and built by Contingent Workforce Professionals specifically to help companies improve their Contingent Workforce Management programs.

By putting your organization’s spend in one place and giving you access to in-depth reporting and analytics, Conexis VMS takes all of the work away so that you can focus on the core tasks associated with improving your Contingent Workforce Program.

With higher adoption rates than other Vendor Management Systems on the market, your business will be able to get full control of its Contingent Workforce Spend, not just a portion of it.

A Comprehensive Solution for Managing
Your Contingent Workforce

Conexis was built to give Contingent Workforce Professionals like you an easy-to-use procure-to-pay system that manages your company's entire Extended Workforce.

Our customers report that they gain more spend under management when compared to other VMS providers, because they have greater user adoption, The result? Higher cost savings that improve your company’s bottom line.

Conexis VMS helps enhance your contingent workforce program:


Experience Full Adoption

One of the biggest challenges holding back many Contingent Workforce Programs is that no one wants to use the VMS.

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At Conexis VMS, we understand that adoption and user experience are priorities. If your users do not like the system, or find it slow, too complicated or not easy-to-use, they will not use it and look for workarounds. Frustration levels grow as speed deteriorates and functional complexity increases. This affects adoption rates and benefits realization.

The Conexis difference is the ease of use and speed at which interactions occur in our system. Conexis is designed with the user in mind to manage the entire contingent worker transaction with sophistication and simplicity combined.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

At Conexis VMS, we understand how important the feedback from your internal partners and clients are with your Contingent Workforce Program. They need a program that is fast, easy to use and provides white glove service when needed.


We are proud of our NPS and work daily to maintain this positive connection with our users.

- Our customer care teams hold themselves to a high standard. In fact, they set the SLA they work towards every day. Guaranteed response in one hour and 3 hours resolution 80% of the time.

- We recently launched a new live chat feature allowing users to reach out to live Conexis agents to get help in real time.


Drive Continuous Improvement

With Conexis VMS, you aren't spending your days trying to make your Vendor Management System work. This allows you to spend more time ensuring your program is continually evolving and improving to meet your company's requirements.

Our team is focused on developing new innovations in technology to deliver a faster, more cost-effective VMS. Conexis VMS is built on the latest technology, with a focus on the user experience, which means we continuously develop new innovations that are aligned with our user's needs.


Realize the Benefits of a VMS Faster

When your Vendor Management System is easy to use and people are not trying to avoid using it, all of the benefits of a VMS are realized at an even higher, and faster, level. That means better talent, quicker.

Cost Savings: Conexis VMS clients report an average savings of 12.5% delivered through our Vendor Management System.

Reduced Risk: Conexis VMS has been designed specifically to reduce your company’s Contingent Workforce risk - whether it's misclassification, tenure, or other regulatory risks.

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