Conexis VMS FAQs

Do you have questions about vendor management systems or Conexis VMS? Check out our commonly asked questions.

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What is a vendor management system?

A vendor management system, commonly known as a VMS, is a software application that allows your business to manage the entire staffing agency lifecycle and non-employee workforce process in one centralized, and automated, platform.

How does a VMS work?

By consolidating staffing vendors and non-employee workforce data on one centralized platform, your organization can use a VMS to automate every step in contingent workforce management. That includes everything from managing procurement, measuring vendor performance, onboarding non-employee workers, tracking payments and much more!

What are the benefits of a vendor management system?

By using vendor management software to manage your staffing agencies and contingent workforce, your organization can access both soft and hard savings. These include better workforce quality, improved vendor partnerships, reduced costs, vendor consolidation, increased efficiencies, improved workforce visibility and a huge range of other benefits.

Why should I choose a VMS over a manual spreadsheet to manage my staffing vendors?

Manual spreadsheets are inefficient and time-consuming, resulting in human error, fragmented processes and inconsistent hiring/vendor decisions that lead to a complete lack of visibility into your contingent workforce program and vendor performance. A vendor management system will automate all of these processes and consolidate your data, giving you complete visibility into how your program is performing.

Is it difficult to implement a VMS?

Depending on the system and how complex your contingent workforce requirements this can be very difficult and time consuming or very simple and fast. Not all VMS’ are created equal so its important you first define your business requirements and your desired workflows. From there you can assess each VMS and narrow it down to the system that can meet most of your requirements.

Should a VMS manage more than hourly based temps

Although many VMS’ will only address hourly based temps through staffing agencies, the VMS systems off today will help you manage the process to acquire, bill and pay for many different types of workers sourced externally. This includes hourly temps, fixed fee contractors, permanent hires, direct sourced workers and independent contractors.

How much should a VMS cost?

Some VMS systems can be very expensive to implement and maintain. Many VMS providers charge a percentage of every dollar that processes through the system. Recently, more traditional software license pricing has been introduced by some VMS providers.

What is Conexis VMS?

Conexis VMS is an easy-to-use cloud and web-based vendor management system (VMS) that automates and consolidates the management of staffing agencies and non-employee workforce processes.

How does Conexis VMS work?

Conexis VMS is designed to automate your company’s entire non-employee recruitment process from ‘req-to-cheque, and consolidate the vendor process in one centralized location. It operates as a central hub for your entire non-employee workforce, whether that’s 10 contingent workers or 1,500, helping your business to move away from ineffective and time-consuming manual spreadsheet management.

How do I access Conexis VMS?

Conexis VMS is both a web and cloud-based mobile-friendly software application, meaning users can access their non-employee workforce management data on any device - no matter where you are in the world.

How much does Conexis VMS cost?

We understand that every company’s contingent workforce management needs are different. That’s why Conexis VMS has a range of pricing options that are designed to be cost-effective no matter what your organization’s monthly staffing requirements are.

Conexis VMS is the very first VMS built for spend volumes with no minimum, meaning it has been specifically designed for companies with any size contingent workforce budget - whether it is small (anywhere from between $1m to $10m) or large.

Do I have the skills/capabilities to manage Conexis VMS?

Conexis VMS has been built without some of the bells and whistles of the more complicated and expensive vendor management software solutions. With all of the functionalities you need but none of the features you don’t, Conexis VMS is simple and seamless to use for all hiring managers in your organization.

Can Conexis VMS also be used to manage permanent employees?

Conexis VMS gives your business the ability to manage and centralize your entire staffing agency workforce in one centralized platform, including both non-employee workers and permanent employees sources through a staffing agency.

Can I participate in a demo of Conexis VMS?

Of course, we would love to demonstrate how our solution works with a hands-on demo from one of our founders. Sign up for a free demo today and we will show you in 15 minutes how Conexis VMS can solve all of your vendor management challenges.

Will my data be secure when using Conexis VMS?

Conexis VMS takes your company’s security seriously. We use world-class technologies and policies such as encryption, backups, password protection, version tracking and much more to keep your sensitive data secure!

How long does it take to get set up with Conexis VMS?

Conexis VMS does not charge for the setup or onboarding process, but most importantly we can have the vendor management software solution set up to resolve your non-employee workforce management challenges in as little as 48 hours!