17 June 2024

How Staffing Agencies Can Use a VMS to Manage their Business

Wayne Burgess
Wayne Burgess

Staffing agencies typically work with various systems to manage their business. The typical tech stack includes an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Vendor Management Systems (VMS), Timekeeping, Billing and Financial Systems. That’s a lot. In this blog, we discuss the challenges facing Staffing Agencies and how a single Vendor Management System can help. 

Obstacles encountered by staffing agencies

Your client delivery teams face inefficiency and frustration when they are required to navigate through multiple systems, manually transfer data into your systems, and attempt to generate reports across various accounts. This complexity becomes more challenging when clients demand that you use their systems as well. This creates a logistical puzzle for them to solve.

Consider the Vendor Management System (VMS) as an example. Staffing agencies often find themselves juggling multiple VMS platforms, sometimes up to half a dozen or more, to stay on top of new job postings, candidate submissions, and tracking timesheets and invoices on a daily basis.

Staffing agencies must be highly organized to improve performance and fill contingent workforce jobs for clients faster than the competition.  Yet, despite this, staffing agencies have historically used a combination of fragmented systems and manual processes to manage their back office and overall business operations.

Did you know staffing agencies can consolidate those processes and improve their efficiencies and overall business performance by using an easy-to-use vendor management system instead?

How staffing agencies can consolidate their back-of-office processes

Rather than using fragmented systems and manual processes to manage their back office, staffing agencies can realize significant benefits by implementing a system that consolidates their entire business process and customers into one centralized place.

Staffing agencies have the opportunity to streamline their operations by utilizing a Vendor Management System (VMS) to efficiently manage both their back-office tasks and client projects. This system not only enhances visibility and control but also centralizes all aspects of their business processes for improved efficiency.

A single system allows staffing agencies to achieve high levels of efficiency and productivity. With one single point of control, a vendor management system provides staffing agencies with a single source of data that delivers important insights that improve business performance. Staffing agencies can realize a range of benefits when using a vendor management system, including:

  1. Higher client revenues through improved performance
  2. Process and efficiency gains
  3. Improved billing accuracy
  4. More control over your staffing agency’s backend processes with repeatable processes
  5. More insight into business performance and client delivery metrics

Conexis VMS can help manage your entire staffing agency business from one place

A VMS can simplify staffing agencies' efforts to improve client delivery, reduce costs, and effectively manage critical processes. It allows agencies to quickly find candidates and fill jobs faster, which means more revenue for them and happier clients.

Not every VMS is alike. With Conexis VMS, staffing agencies can centralize processes such as:

  1. Client Management – Manage all your customers in one place.
  2. Subvendor Management – Easily subcontract jobs out to your sub-vendor community
  3. Applicant Tracking – Manage your candidates in Conexis or easily integrate your ATS.
  4. Job Management – Manage all your client’s open jobs in one place.
  5. Worker Onboarding – Full onboarding module, including worker credentialing.
  6. Contract Management – Manage all active worker assignments.
  7. Time and Expense – Automate the entire time and expense process and integrate a data feed into your billing system.
  8. Invoicing – Create consolidated client invoices within Conexis and easily integrate them with your financial systems.
  9. Reporting and Analytics – See your business in real-time. Create your reports and track key internal and client delivery metrics.
  10. Payroll Management – Conexis seamlessly integrates with almost all payroll systems like ADP or Ceridian

Once implemented, Conexis transforms into the central hub for your company, empowering your teams to prioritize client delivery without being bogged down by administrative burdens. Read more about Conexis: The VMS for Staffing Agencies

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Wayne Burgess

Wayne Burgess

Wayne Burgess is the President of Conexis, a technology company focused on helping organizations get control of their Contingent workforce.

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