How Conexis VMS can help you Manage your Non-Employee Workforce more Efficiently

Our award-winning Vendor Management System is not just the most modern, advanced and innovative VMS on the market today, but it's also designed specifically with you, the user, in mind

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Conexis Dashboard

Conexis VMS is a robust, cloud-based, mobile-friendly software application that empowers your company to streamline and oversee your entire contingent workforce, regardless of the diverse skill sets you require. Designed specifically with the user in mind, Conexis VMS is an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and intuitive solution. With our market-leading work shift, scheduling, timekeeping, and credentialing capabilities, Conexis is the only VMS that can handle all skill categories without clunky third-party add-ons.

Why Choose Conexis VMS

Conexis is being recognized by Industry Leaders such as Staffing Industry Analysts, Everest Group and more as a leading, fastest rising VMS that is revolutionizing the VMS Industry. They recognize that our modern tech stack and open source code makes Conexis the most flexible, highest performing VMS today.


Our Expertise

At Conexis, our leadership team brings extensive 'hands-on' experience in the Contingent Workforce Industry, particularly in Procurement and Talent Acquisition roles. This expertise spans across various industries, including ConsultingIT, Manufacturing & Light Industrial, Government, Pharma, Warehouse & Logistics and Healthcare. We are confident in our ability to leverage this experience and expertise to help you succeed.


Our Advanced Technology

We have the most modern and advanced VMS tech stack available today. It starts with the latest codebase and extends to our lightning-fast AWS microservice infrastructure. Add to that our Open API and Software Development Kit (SDK), making Conexis the lights-out leader in VMS technology. We provide the easiest, fastest, most modern, sophisticated, and flexible VMS on the market today.


Work-Shifts, Worker Scheduling & Credentialling

We are one of the only VMS' in the market with functionality designed specifically to support high-volume fluid workforce environments with work-shift scheduling, advanced timekeeping, and worker credentialling. So, contact us if you have Healthcare, Manufacturing, or Light Industrial needs.

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We're Easy to Use

The Conexis user interface was created using system design science. Our goal was to create an intuitive, easy-to-use, and easy-to-navigate interface. And we have succeeded... Among current users, we report a higher-than-industry NPS score of 71. This means that our customers love our system and would recommend it to others. Our customers also report much higher levels of adoption due to our user interface and easy-to-use flows.


Our Unbeatable Customer Care

"91.7% of all user inquiries are resolved within three hours". We are so proud of this statistic. Conexis puts a premium on Customer Care. We are on a mission is to make every customer feel like our number one customer because they are! Our Customer reviews are authentic and market leading. Each customer is supported by a dedicated and highly experienced "We Care" team that meets rigorous SLA levels to ensure the client's questions are addressed immediately.


Control & Visibility with Our Advanced Analytics and AI

Our advanced reporting and analytics module gives customers valuable insights into their program’s performance and contingent workforce population. This critical information enables improved decision-making to improve quality, speed, and cost. Combine this data with our impressive set of AI-driven tools, like candidate matching, to put your program into high gear.

How Conexis VMS Works

Built by experts with expertise in the contingent workforce sector, Conexis VMS has been designed to automate your entire non-employee recruitment process from ‘req-to-check’ and consolidate the entire vendor process.

Conexis VMS is built on the latest technology which makes our platform cost effective, secure, scaleable and easy to use. Conexis fits with any company's needs.

The easy-to-set-up solution acts as a central hub and system of record for your entire non-employee workforce, regardless of how big it is.

Through the system you can post jobs to suppliers, onboard and track workers, manage time and expenses, measure supplier performance, issue invoices and a range of other elements related to non-employee workforce management.

By consolidating your entire non-employee workforce in one place, you’ll save significant time through better operational efficiencies and save huge amounts of money by increasing the visibility you have into every aspect of your temporary workforce.

Not only that, Conexis is so technologically advanced you can be up and running in as little as two weeks.

Get Control

Everything in one place


Automating Your Entire Staffing Process

Conexis VMS automates your entire extended workforce process, from req to cheque. It manages time and materials, direct hire, and statement of work. Conexis can even pay all your vendors for you.

Fast and Easy

Can be up & running in 2 weeks


Fast and Easy To Set Up

Conexis VMS is easy to use and quick to set up. In fact, we do all the onboarding and setup for you, so that you can be up and running in as little as two weeks. If you have a question once you’re set up, our customer care team is a live chat or email away.

Save Money

It doesn't have to be expensive


Cost Effective

Our customers tell us that employing Conexis in their operations saves them over 12% on their extended workforce. Using the data and insights captured in Conexis, our customers are able to negotiate preferred pricing terms with their staffing agencies and consulting firms, delivering millions in savings.

Conexis VMS is proud to be named Star Performer and Major Contender in the Everest Group Vendor Management Systems (VMS) PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024

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Conexis VMS: Star Performer and Major Contender in 2024 Everest VMS Report

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Our powerful, yet easy to use vendor management system has been built on the latest technology and designed with the user in mind. Making it the perfect solution for any sized business looking to get control of their entire contingent workforce and the suppliers that provide them.