How an MSP improved fill ratios, client acquisitions, profitability and more.. achieving outstanding results with Conexis VMS.

Conexis VMS is the very first vendor management system built to help both small, medium and enterprise organizations automate and improve their non-employee management process.

MSP Case Study
Conexis MSP Case Study

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About "The North American MSP"

MSPs take on the entire responsibility of managing a company’s non-employee workforce, using innovative technologies and industry expertise to improve program visibility, speed up hiring times, improve workforce quality and reduce spend.

Here’s the story of how one large managed services provider, managing over $1bn in spend on behalf of its clients (we’ll refer to as The North American MSP), leveraged the Conexis VMS software platform to achieve: improved compliance scores, better fill rations, additional client acquisitions, higher profitability and more.


Industry: MSP

Managing Spend: 1+ Billion

Location: North America

The Challenge

The North American MSP has years of successfully managing contingent workforce programs for enterprise organizations, yet the vendor management systems they had been using weren’t suitable for companies with smaller non-employee workforces.

That’s because previously there has been a huge gap in the market.

Traditionally, VMS developers have only built solutions for large enterprises with huge contingent workforce spend.


As a result, The North American MSP had difficulty finding a vendor management system to bring to their clients with smaller contingent workforce management spend.

With no solution on the market, The North American MSP relied primarily on emails, paper invoices from suppliers and their clients’ own back offices to manage their staffing agency processes effectively.

The lack of an appropriate vendor management system in place resulted in poor compliance scores for the MSP, leaving them in desperate need for a solution that would automate these processes for their clients with smaller contingent workforce budgets.

Roughly 25-30 percent of the US workforce today works on a contingent basis, with more than 80 percent of large corporations planning on “substantially increasing” their use of the flexible workforce in the coming years.

Conexis VMS

The Solution

To solve this challenge, and help The North American MSP transform its compliance scores and consolidate contingent workforce management programs on behalf of its clients, Conexis VMS put the entire MSP business on its innovative vendor management system.

Conexis VMS is the very first vendor management system built to help both small, medium and enterprise organizations automate and improve their non-employee management process.

Designed specifically to be the ideal solution for any business, the cloud and web-based Conexis VMS vendor management software has been built with no minimum spend requirements, ensuring it is the ideal solution to help companies manage their non-employee workforce no matter how small or large their spend is.


Conexis VMS has given The North American MSP organization all the tools and functionalities they need to manage the entire non-employee workforce and staffing agency management process for their clients.

These features include everything from automation, vendor consolidation and a centralized process, to simplicity of use, visibility into vendor performance and complete scalability for company growth.

There are no minimum spend requirements for the Conexis VMS solution.

The North American MSP simply pays a percentage of spend processed - making it the perfect vendor management software solution for any company’s contingent workforce management program, no matter how small or large their spend is.

It’s not just this reason why The North American MSP chose to partner with Conexis as it's VMS software solution. The decision was also based on ease of implementation and speed, with the platform designed specifically without the bells and whistles of more popular VMS solutions that most organizations simply don’t require.

So, how has all of this helped improve the company’s contingent workforce? Let’s find out!

The North American MSP’s clients have also realized a number of soft and hard savings thanks to the automated and consolidated processes as a result of using Conexis VMS.

Conexis VMS

The Outcome

The overall focus of the Conexis VMS was to provide a seamless solution for how The North American MSP managed contingent workforce programs on behalf of its clients with smaller non employee workforce budgets.


Using Conexis VMS to underpin that process, The North American MSP was able to realize a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Improved compliance scores
  • Improved fill ratios
  • New client acquisitions
  • Helping to contribute to an average 12.5% annual direct cost savings
  • More efficient internal processes
  • Improved staffing agency performance
  • Greater profitability
  • As well as a host of improved critical success factors across their entire portfolio of clients.

The use of the innovative VMS software solution has resulted in improved visibility and superior processes for the MSP’s clients. That’s why Conexis VMS is now The North American MSP’s VMS of choice for all new clients.

The North American MSP is now looking at geographically expanding its use of Conexis VMS, looking to deliver these huge range of benefits to clients beyond North America.


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