21 August 2023

How to Tackle Healthcare Workforce Shortages with a VMS

Wayne Burgess
Wayne Burgess

The Healthcare Industry in North America is facing a staffing crisis, and more and more organizations are turning to the power of contingent workers to supplement their permanent healthcare workforce. This article delves into the challenges confronting contingent healthcare staffing and explores how implementing a vendor management system (VMS) can offer a solution. 

As the Healthcare Industry faces a staffing crisis, it is clear that innovative solutions are required. One such strategy lies in leveraging the power of contingent workers – temporary staff, freelancers, or contract workers – to supplement the permanent healthcare workforce.

Why Contingent Workers are Critical for Healthcare

Contingent workers have long been a familiar presence in healthcare, but their importance has escalated in recent times amidst the persistent staffing challenges. Their value lies in offering vital support to overburdened healthcare systems through various means:

1 - First contingent workers offer flexibility in staffing, allowing healthcare facilities to adjust workforce size based on demand. This is particularly useful during seasonal fluctuations, pandemic surges, or unforeseen staff absences. Contingent staffing can help maintain service levels during high-demand periods without overburdening the existing staff or incurring long-term cost implications.

2 - Secondly, contingent workers bring diverse experience and skills from various healthcare settings. This experience can bring fresh perspectives and best practices into the hosting organization, enriching patient care approaches and potentially enhancing outcomes. 

3 - Lastly, using contingent workers can also reduce burnout among permanent staff. By providing additional support during peak periods, contingent staff can help reduce the workload and stress levels of permanent employees, improving work-life balance and job satisfaction, potentially reducing attrition rates.

Challenges for Contingent Workers in Healthcare 

While the advantages of utilizing contingent workers in healthcare are evident, it is crucial for healthcare providers to also address the accompanying challenges. These challenges encompass:

  • Upholding the quality of care as new staff members join the team.
  • Seamlessly integrating temporary staff with permanent teams.
  • Identifying qualified and proficient contingent healthcare workers.
  • Ensuring that contingent workers adhere to regulatory requirements.
  • Fostering a sense of value and engagement among contingent workers within your organization.

The most difficult challenge, however, is managing the administrative aspects of contingent workforce deployment, and implementing a contingent workforce program that gives your organization the visibility and control it needs to ensure workforce success. 

New call-to-action Benefits of Contingent Workers in Healthcare

To harness the full potential of contingent staffing in healthcare, providers can enhance benefits and minimize challenges through strategic practices.

One crucial factor involves forging partnerships with reputable healthcare-focused staffing agencies. These agencies meticulously screen candidates to ensure that contingent staff possess the necessary qualifications, certifications, and expertise. You can read more about selecting a Staffing Agency that is right for you at: How to Choose a Staffing Agency for your Companies Unique Requirements.

Equally important is cultivating an inclusive work environment that embraces and supports contingent workers. By offering thorough onboarding, access to essential resources, and integration into team communications, temporary staff can seamlessly integrate and excel in their roles, fostering a sense of belonging and enabling effective performance.

A VMS can be instrumental in addressing the healthcare staffing shortage

Healthcare providers should also invest in a Vendor Management System (VMS) to streamline      the administration of contingent labor. Such platforms can handle rostering, time-tracking, and payroll efficiently, allowing the management to focus on patient care rather than administrative tasks. 

The Healthcare industry requires specific tools to manage its contingent workforce.

This adds complexity that most VMS’ simply can't handle. At Conexis, we understand the Healthcare Industry. In fact, we have developed VMS functionality specifically to support the Healthcare industry, such as resource pooling and job assignment, work shifts, and per diem billing. Conexis makes it much easier to source, manage and pay your clinical and non-clinical workers. 

In summary, while contingent workers alone may not be a cure-all for the complex healthcare staffing challenges in North America, they undoubtedly play a crucial role in a holistic solution. This solution encompasses policy changes, investments in medical education, technological advancements, and a focus on prioritizing the well-being of our healthcare workforce. Successfully leveraging contingent workers requires careful planning and execution, but the potential benefits for patient care and workforce resilience make the effort well worthwhile.

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The Conexis Difference: Built for The Healthcare Industry  

The healthcare sector demands specialized tools to effectively manage its contingent workforce, a challenge that most VMS solutions struggle to address.

However, Conexis stands out with its tailored VMS functionality designed to meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry. From resource pooling to job assignments, managing work shifts, and handling per diem billing, Conexis simplifies the process of sourcing, managing, and compensating both clinical and non-clinical staff members, making it a valuable asset for healthcare organizations. Read more at Conexis VMS for Healthcare.


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Wayne Burgess

Wayne Burgess

Wayne Burgess is the President of Conexis, a technology company focused on helping organizations get control of their Contingent workforce.

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