30 August 2022

How Staffing Agencies Can Use a VMS to Improve Business Performance

Wayne Burgess
Wayne Burgess

Staffing agencies typically work with a wide range of suppliers, distributing jobs to a wide range of vendors at once. To improve performance and fill contingent workforce requests for clients faster than the competition, staffing agencies must be highly organized.

Yet, despite this, staffing agencies have historically used a combination of fragmented systems and manual processes to manage their back office and overall business operations.

In most cases, staffing agencies are using a combination of traditional finance systems, application tracking systems (ATMs), CRMs, payroll systems, as well as manual spreadsheets to manage the different areas of their business. 

But this comes with a range of complications that impact business performance. It’s frustrating, fraught with errors and impacts the staffing agency’s delivery, revenue and overall profitability. 

Did you know that staffing agencies can consolidate those processes and improve their efficiencies and overall business performance by using an easy-to-use vendor management system instead?


How staffing agencies can consolidate their back-of-office processes

Rather than using fragmented systems and manual processes to manage their back office, staffing agencies can realize significant benefits by implementing a vendor management system that consolidates their entire business process into one centralized place.

Staffing agencies can use a vendor management system to manage not only their back office, but all of their client work as well - all from a system that improves the visibility and control they have over their processes. 

Through having a single system, staffing agencies are able to achieve high levels of efficiency and productivity. With one single point of control, a vendor management provides staffing agencies with a single source of data that dramatically speeds up operational processes and delivers important insights that improve business performance. 

Staffing agencies can realize a range of benefits when using a vendor management system, including:

  • Improved visibility by storing all data into one centralized system.
  • More control over your staffing agency’s backend processes with repeatable processes.
  • More insight into business performance and delivery metrics.

Conexis VMS helps manage your entire staffing agency processes from one place

Vendor management systems typically come with a range of bells and whistles that make it incredibly time-consuming and complex for staffing agencies to use them, when what they need is something that’s simple to use and gives them results instantly.

Conexis VMS makes it simpler than ever for staffing agencies to streamline their workflows, access new efficiencies, reduce costs and effectively manage their backend processes - all while allowing them to quickly find and fill candidates and meet their client’s needs.

With Conexis VMS, staffing agencies can centralize processes such as:

✔️ Client Management – Manage staffing agency customers and their contracts.

✔️ Subvendor Management – Easily sub work orders out to your sub vendor community.

✔️ Applicant Tracking – Use the Conexis ATS or bolt your ATS onto the Conexis VMS platform.

✔️ Temp Management – Manage all contract and temp worker opportunities with your clients.

✔️ Contingent Recruiting – Manage all contingent recruiting opportunities.

✔️ Contract Management – Manage all active worker assignments .

✔️ Time and Expense – Automate the entire time and expense process.

✔️ Invoicing – Invoice right from within Conexis.

✔️ Reporting and Analytics – See your business in real time. Create your own reports and track key internal and client delivery metrics.

✔️ Payroll Management – Conexis seamlessly integrates with almost all payroll systems.

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Wayne Burgess

Wayne Burgess

Prior to starting Conexis, Wayne was a tireless champion for clients within Accenture’s Procurement practice with specific experience across the Services and Contingent Labour spectrum. Wayne has run programs from as small as $5m to as big as $2bn. Wayne has deep consulting and operational delivery experience. He is a talented leader of organizations and has a proven track record of driving significant customer value.

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