5 August 2022

Conexis VMS Recognized in Everest Group Market Report

Wayne Burgess
Wayne Burgess

Conexis VMS is delighted to announce that our innovative vendor management system has been recognized by Everest Group in its latest Peak Matrix Assessment 2022.

As the contingent workforce emerges as a key focus area for businesses around the world, organizations are increasingly utilizing vendor management systems in an effort to better manage, and gain visibility into, their contingent workforce management programs. 

The PEAK Matrix Assessment with Technology Vendor Landscape 2022 evaluated 21 VMS technology vendors’ capabilities across two key dimensions – market impact and vision and capability.

The report put Conexis VMS into the left quadrant as an “aspirant”, which is exactly where we have designed our vendor management system to be - and it’s where we want to remain in the market to meet the needs of organizations with smaller contingent workforce requirements.

Designed specifically for companies with smaller contingent workforce volumes 

Conexis VMS has been specifically created to be a cost-effective and easy-to-use vendor management system for organizations that don’t need the complex bells and whistles of the traditional VMS players - which are the features that push companies into the right-hand quadrant of the Everest Group report. 

These complex features have typically meant the leading vendor management systems have been out of reach for organizations with smaller contingent workforce volumes, both in terms of price and the complexity of implementation and use. 

That’s why here at Conexis VMS we’ve designed a vendor management system for businesses that need an easier-to-use solution, with less complex functionality and that’s more cost-effective than the traditional VMS players. 

By using Conexis VMS, organizations are able to save time and money, as well as improve the results they see within their contingent workforce program.

Conexis VMS strengths 

The Everest Group report picked out a series of strengths of Conexis VMS, these included: 

  • Conexis VMS supports the management of temporary labor, as well as independent contractors and freelancers.
  • It provides clients with an easy-to-implement solution with a user-friendly interface and high-touch services - making it compelling for small and mid-market buyers.
  • Conexis VMS has experience in managing both white-collar job roles such as engineering and IT, as well as blue-collar job roles pertaining to the light industrial sector.
  • Conexis VMS supports basic functionality to create repositories of pre-identified candidates in the system, which can help direct sourcing strategies
  • Analytics and reporting capabilities provide clients with real-time insights into key parameters of their contingent workforce program.
  • Conexis VMS offers its clients several time and expense management-related features and functionalities to improve time tracking, billing and invoicing processes. 
  • Conexis VMS provides its MSP clients with an application center functionalities, supporting them in the sourcing of new suppliers.

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About Conexis VMS

Conexis VMS is the very first vendor management system built to help small and medium-sized enterprises automate and improve their non-employee management process. The cloud-based software has been specifically developed with no minimum spend requirements, thereby helping companies manage their non-employee workforce no matter the size.

As an independently-owned VMS provider, Conexis VMS gives organizations around the world all the tools and knowledge they need to manage a successful contingent workforce management program. To learn more, visit Conexis VMS at: (www.conexis.io).

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Wayne Burgess

Wayne Burgess

Wayne Burgess is the President of Conexis, a technology company focused on helping organizations get control of their Contingent workforce.

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