14 October 2020

Contingent Workforce Management Veterans Launch VMS Solution


A team of highly-experienced staffing industry experts have launched a new world-class vendor management system (VMS), Conexis VMS, after more than two years of real-world, beta use and a series of highly-satisfied clients. 

Conexis VMS is the very first vendor management system developed specifically with no minimum spend requirements and fully automates the management of the non-employee workforce. 

Through the use of Conexis VMS ... IT, HR, Operations Managers and Procurement professionals from small and medium-sized enterprises can now feel empowered to automate and improve how they manage their non-employee workforce - no matter how small or large their contingent workforce is.

What is Conexis VMS?

Conexis VMS is a vendor management system built for smaller contingent workforce spend, helping small and medium-sized enterprises automate and improve their non-employee management process. 

The cloud-based software can be accessed on any device with an internet connection, and has been specifically developed with no minimum spend requirements to help companies manage their non-employee workforce no matter how small or large it is.

The Conexis VMS solution will help companies move away from using manual spreadsheets to manage important staffing costs by consolidating their staffing vendors in one location. Conexis software users can monitor and track vendor performance, improve contingent workforce visibility, reduce non-employee management rogue spend, and control costs. 

As an independently-owned VMS provider, Conexis VMS gives organizations around the world all the tools and knowledge they need to manage a successful contingent workforce management strategy. 

Who launched Conexis VMS?

This new VMS platform has been developed by Co-Founders John Clark and Wayne Burgess, who have more than 30 combined years’ experience in contingent workforce management. 

John Clark, a Staffing Industry Analysts’ Top 40 Under 40 recipient, has more than 15 years’ experience in the contingent workforce industry, managed service provider and VMS space. Wayne Burgess, has years’ of experience running procurement programs from as small as $5 million to as large as $2 billion, with a proven track record of driving significant customer value for a wide range of companies.

“We’re incredibly excited to launch our vendor management system after more than two years of real-world, beta use with a number of highly satisfied clients,” commented John Clark, Co-Founder of Conexis VMS. “Conexis VMS has been specifically developed to help small and medium-sized enterprises to automate and improve their entire non-employee management process, no matter how small or large their program is. Our initial group of clients have given us some amazing feedback which we have incorporated into the final product.”

“Conexis VMS is an easy-to-use, low-cost, entry-level software solution in vendor management,” said Wayne Burgess, Co-Founder of Conexis VMS. “We have developed Conexis VMS specifically to help small and medium-sized enterprises with varying contingent workforce sizes to become more efficient, control costs and reduce rogue spend in their non-employee workforce management programs.”

The launch of the vendor management software comes as Conexis VMS also releases its brand-new website, offering visitors the opportunity to book a one-on-one demo.

Are you looking for more information on Conexis VMS and how our innovative VMS solutions can give you complete visibility and control over your non-employee workforce? Contact us today. We would love to answer your questions.




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